The illusion of short-term good sleep

Do you ever reach the point of desperation with your insomnia, where it’s got so bad you think I really must do something about it this time. Then all of a sudden, your sleep seems to “fix” itself and you have a good night’s sleep. Then another… and another… and before you know it it’s […]

Escaping the Limbo of Half-Sleep: How to Achieve Restful Nights

Imagine trying to walk across a tightrope. Above you the warm embrace of sleep feels just out of reach, and below you a perpetual wakefulness awaits. This balancing act is one which so many insomnia sufferers know all too well. One of “half-sleep” or “non-restorative sleep”, a state where you’re not fully awake but not […]

Turning Down the Volume on Your Sleepless Nights

Do you ever wake up in the night with all of your senses on a knife edge? The sound of your partners breathing echoing loudly in your ears. The flash of lights from passing cars blinding you through the curtains. The temperature of the room unbearably hot. It’s as if your senses are dialled up […]

How Your Brain Makes Up for Lost Sleep

Sleep recovery is a fascinating process, one that highlights just how intelligent and adaptable our brains truly are. Most of us believe that to recover from a poor night’s sleep, we simply need to sleep extra hours the next night, like putting coins back into a piggy bank. However, sleep recovery doesn’t operate on a […]

Battling insomnia with another chronic condition

Living with insomnia is tough enough, but when it’s compounded by another chronic condition, it can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Imagine trying to swim to shore while holding a heavy anchor. The weight of your sleep issues, combined with the burden of another health problem, drags you deeper into the depths of exhaustion and […]

How much do our doctors really know about sleep?

How much do our doctors really know about sleep? How much of a doctor’s formal medical education is focused on sleep? Taking a top institution, such as Harvard Medical School, which of the the below would you say is the total number of hours dedicated to sleep? a) 2 hours b) 20 hours c) 200 […]

When insomnia is caused by another condition

When insomnia is caused by another condition Sylvia had been living with insomnia ever since a particularly intense perimenopause. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) was a life changer. But unfortunately for Sylvia, while HRT greatly reduced most of her menopausal symptoms, it did nothing to alleviate her insomnia. Sylvia is not an exception. Of the thousands […]

What does the science say?

What does the science say? A few months ago, during one of my clinics, in which I work with NHS staff suffering from insomnia, I had a fascinating conversation with Peter, a cardiologist. Peter insisted that meditation was an effective treatment for chronic/long-term insomnia—a sentiment echoed by a large majority of people. The irony here […]

Dysregulated sleep and your senses

Dysregulated sleep and your senses A couple of weeks ago, in one of our sleep health assessments, Sevie told me how since her insomnia started, her senses have lit up. She described her typical night:She falls asleep quite quickly, but then some random noise from outside could normally wake her up. Then, she glares at […]

How to recover your lost sleep

How to recover your lost sleep You’ve just had another terrible night. You get up out of bed and struggle to make it through the day… You start thinking about how you’re going to recover those lost hours of sleep. Does this sound familiar? If it does, rest assured, you are not alone… … With […]