When insomnia is caused by another condition

When insomnia is caused by another condition Sylvia had been living with insomnia ever since a particularly intense perimenopause. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) was a life changer. But unfortunately for Sylvia, while HRT greatly reduced most of her menopausal symptoms, it did nothing to alleviate her insomnia. Sylvia is not an exception. Of the thousands […]

What does the science say?

What does the science say? A few months ago, during one of my clinics, in which I work with NHS staff suffering from insomnia, I had a fascinating conversation with Peter, a cardiologist. Peter insisted that meditation was an effective treatment for chronic/long-term insomnia—a sentiment echoed by a large majority of people. The irony here […]

Dysregulated sleep and your senses

Dysregulated sleep and your senses A couple of weeks ago, in one of our sleep health assessments, Sevie told me how since her insomnia started, her senses have lit up. She described her typical night:She falls asleep quite quickly, but then some random noise from outside could normally wake her up. Then, she glares at […]

How to recover your lost sleep

How to recover your lost sleep You’ve just had another terrible night. You get up out of bed and struggle to make it through the day… You start thinking about how you’re going to recover those lost hours of sleep. Does this sound familiar? If it does, rest assured, you are not alone… … With […]

When Sleepiness Dies

One of the most alarming symptoms of persistent sleep issues is the sensation that your brain or body is gradually losing its natural ability to sleep.

For some, this fear escalates to the point where they worry they might eventually lose the ability to sleep altogether.

This fear, though deeply unsettling, is rooted in misconception. In reality, our bodies never forget how to sleep.

However, this fear doesn’t arise without cause.

How thoughts derail your sleep

Thoughts, perceptions and sleep

Do you know about the impact of your thoughts and beliefs on your psychology?For years, elite athletes have used the power of visualisation: Golfers visualise successful putts Footballers see themselves scoring penalties And gymnast mentally rehearse their routines. Through repetition, this mental preparation fuels their belief in success.And in turn, they are able to achieve […]

Becky’s story

Becky’s Story Heal your nights, invigorate your days Start your sleep retraining journey for just £1

Janice’s story

Janice’s Story https://vimeo.com/745370039/02298de5e0 Try re:sleep for just £1

Anxiety #3

How to manage your anxiety Anxiety is complex, and we know you may be finding it difficult at times. Here’s a little support and some options to help you: