Take back control: how to stop your insomnia wheel from spinning you

Long-term, persistent insomnia type sleep problems are complex in their workings.

But most importantly, they are extremely different in their mechanism, from short-term insomnia, which typically lasts only a few months.

Sadly, this is something most people (doctors, media, health influencers etc. included) fail to appreciate.

Long-term insomnia conditions are multi-faceted, involving an intricate interplay of various elements.

Imagine you’re in a children’s playground, watching a merry-go-round.

Several kids get on and start pushing the wheel. Initially, the wheel turns slowly, but as more kids join in, it spins faster and faster.

At first, when the wheel is moving slowly, it’s not too difficult to stop. But as it gathers speed, stopping it becomes increasingly challenging.

Even if one or two children stop pushing, the momentum keeps it going.

This is very similar to how long-term insomnia works. Insomnia is like a wheel being pushed around by several perpetuating factors.

Initially, it might be just one factor, like stress or pain, disrupting your sleep.

But over time, other elements such as sleep anxiety, dysregulated sleep patterns, hypersensitivity, and a weakening sleep drive all join in, each one keeping the cycle going.

Simply addressing one element, like sleep-anxiety, isn’t enough to halt this complex cycle.

This is why meditation and mindfulness can be helpful in managing or reducing some of your anxiety symptoms but cannot stop your ongoing insomnia…

To stop the ‘insomnia merry-go-round’, a comprehensive approach is essential.

You’ll need to target each contributing factor, systematically slowing down the cycle until it stops.

At re:sleep, our sleep retraining program combines several different, complementary approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia, acceptance and commitment therapy, and personalised support to address each element of your insomnia.

Retraining your sleep isn’t a lifelong task. With focused, multifaceted intervention, you can become a healthy sleeper and maintain it.

It’s about stopping the cycle entirely, not just slowing it down.

Granted, it’s not the quick fix we all wish existed. It will take several weeks, but it will transform not just your sleep, but your entire life.

If you’re looking to break free from the relentless spin of long-term insomnia and want to take back control of your sleep and life, we’re here to help you.

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