Do you ever reach the point of desperation with your insomnia, where it’s got so bad you think I really must do something about it this time. Then all of a sudden, your sleep seems to “fix” itself and you have a good night’s sleep. Then another… and another… and before you know it it’s been a few days or maybe even weeks of good sleep. And you think to yourself, finally, I might have got rid of it for good this time.

But then, in an all too familiar cycle, the insomnia creeps back in and you lie in bed once again, wide awake.

This vicious cycle is one which most people suffering from insomnia could tell you all about. The illusion of a few good nights which lul us into a sense of security that our sleep may be better. And it’s understandable! We all deserve good sleep and are simply relieved when we have a few restful nights which we can rely on. But unfortunately, the problem persists.

So why does this happen?

As we’ve spoken about previously, your brain sees your insomnia as a pattern. A broken pattern, for sure, but a pattern nevertheless. These bouts of good sleep are all part of that pattern, with your brain attuned to what it thinks you want, however misguided. What perpetuates our insomnia can feel incredibly illusive. But in sleep science, it is fairly evident that insomnia is made up of a variety of defined factors. From sleep anxiety to a dysregulated sleep program, these factors all need to be addressed to get rid of insomnia.

This new broken pattern is ingrained in your brain and it unfortunately cannot fix itself, it requires retraining. Just like we cannot suddenly wake up one day with a six-pack we developed overnight, you cannot train your brain to sleep properly again without doing anything or incredibly quickly.

But the key here is – it can be done! Just ask all of our amazing members who have completed the program and transformed their sleep for good. So don’t let a few nights of good sleep and false hope hold you back from starting the journey to fix your sleep for good.

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