Help your employees rediscover healthy sleep

The true cost of insomnia

Insomnia impairs virtually all aspects of your employees’ lives, from work, vitality and social functioning to mental and physical health.


Nearly 1 in 3 adults will experience insomnia. 20 to 30% will go on to develop ongoing, chronic insomnia


Strong evidence from research shows insomnia is associated with increased sickness absence


Disturbed sleep has been shown in several studies to considerably reduce performance and productivity at work.


Insomnia significantly increases risks of burn-out, depression and other mental and physical health problems.

Our evidence-based personalised approach

A unique hybrid approach

re:sleep combines the care and understanding of real human specialists with the strengths and possibilities of digital tools.

A personalised program

We meet each individual’s circumstances and needs with a personalised program and journey to healthy sleep.

Ongoing support

We’ll here to further improve and cement early results and prevent relapse with access to a maintenance and support program after the initial 3-month therapy.

How it all works

Sleep health assessment

We start with a no obligation awareness campaign and give your teams the opportunity to get a free sleep health assessment that’s reviewed by our team.

Joining the sleep retraining program

Employees suffering from insomnia are invited to start a sleep retraining program that they can join easily through a personalised portal.

Start improving sleep

Employees get immediate access to their tailored 3-month retraining program after a welcome call with a re:sleep onboarding coach.

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