💭 Mindful Minute: Are you ready?

You may decide to start the personalised part of this program now (you are about to watch the videos which explain how your personalise your own sleep window based on your sleep tracker data), or you may decide that you will spend more time being consistent with the four golden rules and the boosters until you are feeling ready and confident that you can do them (no matter what your actual results are, this is just about taking action and not worrying so much about the consequence at this stage).

For this reason, we are going to now group your learning into bitesize chunks which we will not label as specific days, but rather to get through this week, at your own pace. You need to get used to making these changes on your own terms… we are always here to support you, as is your community and the live sessions where your questions will be answered live!

Don’t forget to fill in your sleep tracker every day, whilst still putting into action everything you have learnt so far!