📈 Visualising your progress

It would be wonderful to just get better and better results wouldn’t it? The problem is as a human you and your environment are constantly changing. That means even with all the most influential strategies to improve sleep which you are about to learn, they can’t work straight away (your brain will revert to whatever pattern it knows best at first) and you can’t account for any of the stuff that will get in the way such as work, illness, hormones etc… the list is endless.

That does not mean when you have a ‘blip’ you need to change anything about your sleep re programming, in fact it means you need to keep consistent with your newly built behaviours more so. A bit like maintaining healthy eating and exercise… the weighing scales are still going to go up and down whilst you’re implementing your new program. You won’t be perfect every day, but by looking at the bigger picture you can see your own behaviour may be 90% consistent even when life gets tricky.

Consistency over time is the only thing you can control, and by a happy coincidence it is also your fast track to success.