🚀 Take Action! My very own sleep and relaxation plan!

Now that you have various techniques plus the rules to follow from the first week, and your personalised sleep routine to continue, you can build your own sleep treatment plan. Write out your plan so you can use this day to day.

My Sleep Plan

No excuses! If I want to sleep well, this is what I will do:

Write down everything you need to put in place so far. So, think about the changes you have already started implementing, some of the ones you have not tried yet and what you have learnt today.

For example, start from just after dinner. What are you going to do before the buffer zone? What will you do in the buffer zone? What happens when you go to bed? What happens if you struggle to sleep, or you wake up in the night? Do you have back-up techniques and activities to try? What happens in the morning and the next day?

This week you have various techniques to explore whilst continuing on your sleep diet routine.

Don’t forget to reach out to your community or attend the live sessions if you have any questions!