🧠 Daily Recap

I wonder how you are feeling?

We have been heavy on the relaxation and mindset toolboxes – lots of new strategies to calm, balance and reduce anxiety. Things that won’t fix a chronic sleep disorder, but can certainly help avoid them. And now, we even have ways to re frame the day after a bad night, therefore ensuring you don’t make a bad night a bad day, and then another bad night! And so the cycle WON’T continue! Pretty empowering, considering you can do this all yourself!

Remember in moments of weakness… how strong are you?! Dealing with this problem at night, and still getting up and doing the day just like everyone else. Your body has been kind to you – it’s now time to realise your own super powers and use them!

A bad night does not need to lead to anything you don’t want to – that power is all in our mindsets. Next week we shall tackle your future mindset…

Don’t forget to come along to the lives and chat to your community this week. We all have our own ways of re framing, relaxing and getting past the tough parts – listen to others and share your own experiences.

Helping someone else might just help you as well!

Need to fill in your sleep tracker?

Keep up the good work!