🧠 Daily Recap

It’s been quite a day! Now we are moving on from the golden rules and the boosters alone (if you feel ready. And this is important because there is no rush!). We are moving on to your personalised sleep window.

You have learnt that from your last weeks sleep tracker, your total sleep time is now telling you how much time to spend in bed, and if this is less than 5 hours, you start at 5 hours. You must choose a schedule which doesn’t change (you can’t do 12-6 one night, then 11-5 another) and then stick to it for 1 full week. Don’t worry, it won’t be this small forever, and we will explain this as you move forward.

If you feel your sleep window is too small (sometimes our anxieties can get the better of us), then it’s OK to make it a bit larger. After all, forcing yourself to do something you really don’t want to do, beyond just being a bit more disciplined with yourself, is never ideal. It means somewhere down the line you will lose respect for the behaviour, and probably stop doing it as consistently, and therefore never reaching your goals. Also, it must be sustainable for you. And if you already know you want to cheat, then you need to increase the window to something less than your current total time in bed, but more manageable than the gold standard we have helped you work out. Do not, change it some nights and not others. Your behaviour must be consistent.

If you do decide on a slightly larger window than the one personalised to you, just remember this is a choice and it may mean slower results, or the window might be too large to see results, and so eventually, once you have got used to this way of doing things, you may need to reduce the window further. This is something we can help you with in the live sessions. For now, get used to the window you have chosen and be as consistent as possible.

Important note! Remember to fill out your sleep tracker and if you have decided to start your sleep window scheduling, make sure you check that box to say ‘yes’ in your sleep tracker. Knowing when you were doing this part of the program and when your weren’t, will better help you analyse your progress in a healthy and useful way in the future.