🧠 Daily Recap

Gosh you have been learning A LOT. Don’t worry, like we said, do this in your own time and remember, it’s worth a go when you’re ready. Once you have done this new process for a week, we are going to teach you how to add time to your sleep window! And remember, this is not forever.

Lets do a little recap of what we are doing now:

You are still following the four golden rules. I know, we have given you a new personalised sleep window based on your sleep tracker. But we still need you to follow the golden rules and the boosters as well! All that really means in practice is, if you aren’t sleepy by your new bedtime it’s ok, you can still stay up and go to bed later. But – the difference now is you can’t go to bed BEFORE your new bedtime. Do you see how that might be different and more consistent than before?

Don’t forget! You have lot’s of opportunity to chat with a sleep expert directly in our live sessions, and speak to your community as well. It’s really important – even if you just want to tell us how you are feeling about all this. We are all here for you. Let’s get through this together!

Remember to fill out your sleep tracker and if you have decided to start your sleep window scheduling, make sure you check that box to say ‘yes’ in your sleep tracker. Knowing when you were doing this part of the program and when your weren’t, will better help you analyse your progress in a healthy and useful way in the future.