🧠 Weekly Recap

We have gone back to some serious learning this week, but this time, we are looking at what strategies can avoid you getting problems in the future.

Relaxation and winding doesn’t tend to fix chronic sleep problems once they are there – but they can be excellent tools to stop you getting chronic sleep problems in the first place!

Try putting some of these things into practice but be very mindful that you need to be consistent! Nothing is designed to ‘fix’ in an instant! Your body must trust that it can rely on these moments of calm and balance on a regular basis.

Don’t forget though! Your physical sleep schedule, the use of the boosters and even the golden rules should still be in place!

How is your sleep efficiency this week?

Remember its not an escalator – sometimes you may feel like you have taken a couple of steps backwards… but this doesn’t mean everything is going wrong, and as long as your behaviour is consistent, you are doing everything you can (the most influential things that we know of in sleep medicine right now!), eventually when whatever outside factor is affecting your progress subsides, (sometimes stress, illness, hormones, relationships, time of year, change of exercise regime….endless possibilities!) you will be back on track, because you kept your own behaviours constant.