🧠 Weekly recap

Part of your journey moving forward after this course will be accepting poor sleep when it comes.

Because it’s normal to have the odd poor night, the problem is that if you have lots of evidence in your past that it leads to more chronic problems, it can be tricky to accept this.

You should know now that the chronic factor only comes from our own behaviours, so the real test is for you to do nothing in the first instance and just allow it to happen.

Yes its true, you have techniques now that you know if needed will get you back on track – you can just do a sleep diary and see where you are at and start from there, but the beauty would be if you changed your mindset.

If you have managed to reduce the fear around not sleeping and see it as perfectly normal from time to time, you will have less chance of freaking out and giving in to poor past behaviours that lead to the chronic issues (such as going to bed early, lying in, cancelling all the days activities, essentially allowing your body to really dilute that good quality sleep! etc).

That’s what will make this course really long term – your mindset changes. Not the physical changes we made to your sleep.

Once you can do it (and don’t get me wrong it takes time – it’s fear exposure essentially, every time you have a bad night with the right mindset, it will get easier and easier!). Until eventually you will become just like me – you will see that the odd night where you can’t sleep is a small blessing, a brief wonder into the night time hours… a cheeky chance to stare at the stars, watch your favourite series and generally just be present and grateful in this life… Knowing that the very small amount of sleep deprivation you are incurring will only go on to boost your next night.

Yes, you will be a little sleepy the next day, but how wonderful is that? The ability to feel and BUILD sleepiness! Because only sleepiness leads to sleep.

It is important to note that whilst you will see significant change whilst doing this process, you will end up doing the course a little bit longer depending on how consistent you are with your behaviours.

Remember this isn’t a race – go at your own pace, you have got this, I know this because I am turning you into a sleep expert!