🧠 Weekly Recap

In theory, if you are getting to 90% for four weeks in a row, you will be able to add a whole extra hour to your sleep time, and actually be sleeping it. Isn’t that amazing? It’s really fool proof – so it does indeed work.

But here is the thing… firstly, you aren’t a robot so some weeks will be tougher for you to maintain the right behaviours than others, and so progress may be slower. This is actually a good thing, as the slower and more consistent we can make progress, the easier it is for your body to digest and accept the new changes for good. If you speed through things very quickly, even though it really was so very difficult, it will be much harder to maintain that behaviour.

So ironically, you do need to find the balance between you reaching your goals and you being able to maintain the behaviour that is going to get you there.

Also, be mindful of your own expectations. You might be thinking ‘this is great I can really see the logic AND I am starting to see the results! I can’t wait to get to 8 hours of sleep!

But what if you aren’t supposed to have 8 hours of sleep at this particular time in your life right now? It is important that you don’t have your own false, and not based on any science, expectations. IF your body needs more sleep you will keep reaching 90% and you will keep needing to add time, GREAT! But at some point you will reach a point where you can no longer reach 90% despite being really consistent for a few weeks.

This is usually a sign that you have reached your ideal sleep opportunity! But it may not be what you were expecting (for example 7 hours instead of 8). So try to always go by how you feel and not what you ‘expect’ should happen.

This is what can happen as you move through this process:

  • You start to feel excessively sleepy with no other changes
  • You might also notice that times when you’re awake, you are not super awake anymore, but somewhere between wake and sleep
  • Over time you may notice you get one good night’s sleep in the week
  • Over more time you might notice you get another good night’s sleep every week
  • You genuinely can feel that your sleep overall is just deeper and better
  • The very LAST thing you will notice on this process when you get much closer to your ideal sleep opportunity, is that you will feel better during the day and less sleepy.

I say this with significance because people often wonder, how come I don’t feel better during the day but everything feels better at night?

Well, first we shook your body up and took away all its coping mechanisms for this sleep problem, then we made it recognise WHEN sleep is appropriate, then we helped to understand that one or two big blocks of sleep is far better than whatever it was doing before.

Basically we have forced it to recognise that there is a problem, and so because you are having all the right feelings and sleepiness at the right times, it is harder for your body to ignore when it needs more sleep. So of course, until you get to the more final weeks of this process, you are not going to feel better because you still need more sleep!