🧠 Weekly recap

Is it time to add to your barriers to success list? Go ahead… this can be tough! There are always solutions. Here are a few of Stephanie’s favourites that will get discussed later, but for now let me give you some words of wisdom..

‘Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure you can do the sleep window that reflects your average total sleep time right now? Thats OK – remember how i’m always going on about consistency? Well if you find the sleep window feels too small, why not make it 30 mins or so bigger?

Doing it this way may mean your consistency levels are higher, and your ability to keep going is the number 1 biggest factor of success. If you don’t find after a couple of weeks you can get to 90% with this alternative method don’t fret – we can always reduce the window down again a touch (as long as we are consistent! for example reduce by 30 mins for the next week), and hopefully by then you would have got used to this process and it won’t feel so overwhelming, and you will see the results.

Remember these processes are not forever. They are in place to get rid of your sleep disorder. What have you got to lose?’

You know what I’m going to say! Feeling like you need to talk? Your community is here. Got a question? Come and share in your next live and let us help you!


If you are going to start sleep scheduling start at the beginning of a new week and remember to select YES in your sleep tracker where it asks ‘are you doing sleep window scheduling?’.