🧠 Weekly recap

Have you noticed we are reducing your learning but you are doing more? This is important. Now is the time for action. The only way you will see progress is to concentrate on the actions consistently, and over time. More time than we like, because as humans we love to have very fast expectations, and if you don’t meet them, it can encourage us to sabotage our progress and stop doing the actions. Also, whilst educating you in the right way is extremely important, as a by product of fixing sleep, we have to spend a lot of time thinking about sleep. This eventually needs to stop being the case.

Part of turning you into a good sleeper is to not actually be thinking about sleep all the time. Now that you have some strategies under your belt, try and use your days to enjoy yourself, have things to look forward to and try not to always be focusing on your sleep. It’s OK – you know you are doing all the most influential things – and even if life gets in the way of your progress for a while such as some new stress at work, you are STILL doing the most influential things for your sleep, more than you have ever done before.. so you don’t need to worry.

It’s normal for feel sleep to be wobbly when stress and other unexpected things happen even on the program, and you can rest assured you are doing everything you can. With that in mind, try and relinquish some control and accept that poor sleep happens sometimes – it’s not your responsibility anymore to put it right….your actions are seeing to it that eventually you will be getting more good sleeps than bad.

For a while we are going to try and only give you actions and support with those actions. Keep at it – you are doing excellently.

Remember, if you feel like you need to talk your community is here. Got a question? Come and share in your next live and let us help you!


If you are going to start sleep scheduling start at the beginning of a new week and remember to select YES in your sleep tracker where it asks ‘are you doing sleep window scheduling?’.