A little something for now

We understand that you must be raring to go and would like some actionable things you can start doing right now which will fix your sleep problem. Although we wish there was a quick fix to insomnia, there isn’t, and you probably already know this from having tried lots of different methods in the past. Remember, everything you do on this program is not to fix your sleep for that night, but is to fix your sleep for the long term.

The most important thing you can do now is liberate yourself from everything you forced yourself to do in the name of a good night’s sleep before the program. We will teach you all of the most influential actions and behaviours to becoming a good sleeper, so free yourself from everything else. You’re in the right place now and working each day towards reaching your sleep goals, so take the pressure off. We’ve got you!

Now that you have finished day 1, remember to come back here to access your daily content tomorrow (or keep going now, if you prefer!). We recommend saving our website to your browsers bookmark bar to make the process quick and easy! See the image below for help in doing that on Google Chrome.