In practice: Your schedule

When you choose your new sleep window, you are still following the golden rules and the boosters. That means if you are still not sleepy by the time your new bedtime starts, you can still stay up later if you need to, but now you cannot go to bed before your new bedtime starts. You are still waking/getting up at the same time each day, and still leaving the bedroom when you don’t feel sleepy, and returning to the bedroom or starting your day, depending on if you feel sleepy again or your wake alarm starts. Continue to use the boosters to manage your fatigue and how you feel during the day – they are really going to help!

When choosing when to start sleep scheduling we would recommend finishing your current week of sleep tracking in full and beginning the schedule the following week. This way we can take advantage of your most recent average total sleep times so that your sleep window is as personalised and up-to-date as possible. More importantly, it will also give you time to ensure you are as comfortable in implementing and being consistent with your sleep boosters and golden rules as possible before moving onto scheduling.