What do I do now?

Great question!

You have done so brilliantly well up to this point. Feel free to focus on the part of this program that perhaps you haven’t been as focused on – there is no rush! You have completed everything I could bestow on you as a re:sleep program student! Everyone is going to be different at this point, but here is a good way to look at moving forward:

  1. Are you still able to get to 90% sleep efficiency? If so, then keep going! You are doing really well and eventually, you won’t be able to reach 90% OR, you will naturally start to feel that your sleep schedule is working for you/much better than before – whether that be the way you feel in the morning or just that you have reached your specific goals on this program. When this starts to happen, settle in on this new schedule… break away from the sleep tracker…. start to live and do that re framing work so that your focus becomes less about sleep and more about living life and enjoying yourself. Yep, sleep will sometimes be a bit poor, but you now have so much knowledge and tools so that you don’t even have to think about putting yourself back on a very strict schedule… and that’s amazing! To learn the ultimate rule: when poor sleep happens, we do nothing – no drastic behaviour changes…it is not the same as a chronic insomnia, it does not mean you have to suddenly follow the program again.
  2. Once you get to this wonderful place, a good rule of thumb is to try and stick to the golden rules roughly, around 80% of the time to keep your sleep drive strong. That way when stuff happens in life, it is less likely to affect sleep and if it does, it is less likely to become chronic. Also, you know what I’m going to say! The relaxation and mindset toolbox is a must here, to stop you thinking that you must ‘fix’ things all the time. Even this program is ONLY designed for chronic insomnia, so unless you have had 3 months of bad sleep again, being super strict with a new restricted sleep schedule is not the answer. Being fairly consistent with the most gentle but influential things like boosters and the toolbox exercises, plus roughly keeping an eye on those golden rules…. will keep you on track!