What to expect

We will go through this journey together and in this video I will cover more of what to expect on the program and how it is going to work for you!

The program will be presented in the form of daily content to log in and interact with including videos, text, quizzes and more! We recommend logging in daily and accessing your content during the morning or day time so that you aren’t focused too much on thinking about your sleep close to your bedtime. However, making this program work for you is important, so engage with it in whatever way works best for you!

Don’t worry if you have to miss days or you need to take extra time with certain sessions – it’s all about taking in the information as much as you can and being consistent with the actionable changes you will learn on the program, not about how quickly you can get through it all.

We are here for you throughout this entire journey through the live clinics with our sleep experts and your community which we will tell you about on the program soon! For now, let’s get started and begin learning about the Magic of Clocks.