Your journey to healthy sleep

re:sleep is a digital sleep retraining programme.

We use techniques based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and support therapy techniques.

These have been proven to be effective in helping individuals with long-term, persistent sleep difficulties, end their sleep issues.

Personalisation is a key to success and our aim is to provide all of our members with a unique experience.

Your journey over the next 3 months will be tailored to you, your life and to your sleep problem.

Our program has been meticulously crafted to retrain you to sleep through three essential steps:

  1. Re:programming
    Sleep disturbances often stem from irregular and maladaptive brain patterns associated with sleep. In the initial stage of our program, we provide you with a comprehensive set of tools and exercises specifically tailored to replace these unproductive sleep patterns with a healthy and well-functioning alternative.
  2. Re:strengthening
    Persistent sleep difficulties can lead to a weakened physiological capacity for normal sleep. Through a series of targeted practices, we will progressively rebuild this crucial “sleep muscle,” enabling you to experience restful and rejuvenating nights once again.
  3. Re:inforcing
    In the concluding step of our program, we focus on consolidating your progress, ensuring that your newly acquired sleep habits are deeply ingrained and resilient against setbacks or relapses. By reinforcing these positive changes, we will help you maintain a lasting improvement in your sleep quality.