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Take our assessment to see whether re:sleep can work for you

Take our assessment to see whether re:sleep can work for you

Created by world-leading insomnia specialist

Our sleep retraining programme has been created by Stephanie Romiszewski a world-leading expert on the subject of insomnia type disorders treatment.

Stephanie has worked for the likes of:

  • NASA funded sleep projects
  • Harvard Medical School
  • Guy’s and St Thomas’ sleep disorder centre
  • The NHS for who she creates specialist insomnia treatment programmes
  • The BBC, ITV, and Sky for who she is a go-to sleep expert

Stephanie and her team are continually developing and improving the re:sleep programme to help more people overcome their sleep issues.

How it works: Your Path to Restorative Sleep in 3 Simple Steps

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Each day, unlock impactful sleep-retraining videos that fit your schedule. Just dedicate 10 minutes a day on any device, and start improving your sleep from the comfort of your own home.

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Access live, interactive video clinics led by seasoned sleep and insomnia specialists, empowering you with expert insights and personalised solutions

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Never walk the path to better sleep alone. Be part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals, all committed to improving their sleep. Share stories and gain inspiration.

9 in 10 users

users improved their sleep with our program

Increase in the time spent asleep at night

Less time awake after first falling asleep

Reduction in time it takes to first fall asleep

*Based on a cohort study of 340 members suffering from long-term sleep problems, over a 9 week period

It's not just about sleep

Join thousands of long-term problem sleepers who’ve transformed their sleep, health and lives


My life changed...

“It totally changed my life forever. I no longer slog through the day.

I no longer dread going to bed because I’m not going to sleep, because I know I am. Access to Stephanie on her live sessions was a great resource, you’ve got support on every level.”



I'm so much healthier

“I feel so much healthier, I’m better at work, I’m better with my friends and my family. I have energy.

It might sound dramatic , but this was life changing… I can’t stress enough the difference being able to sleep better makes to all aspects of your life.”



30 years of insomnia

“I joined the programme after suffering with insomnia for over 30 years.

I soon noticed a difference and now I’ve gone from sleeping about three hours a night to a solid six and a half hours and sometimes more.”



Can't recommend enough

“It took me nearly 10 weeks  but the results are beyond words.

I had no idea what getting up rested, fresh and full of energy was like. Also no more brain fog, no horrible evenings dreading going to bed”



I was worried at first

“I was thinking why would it work when nothing else has. My mind wasn’t put at rest until I started. Now I’ve finished I have a minimum of seven hours sleep every night and I no longer feel tired during the day. It’s not a quick fix but it’s worth it and you’ll get all the help you need.”



It's not rocket science.

“It was an emotional relief to finally find a solution, to manage how I sleep, once and for all. It really isn’t rocket science, (although it is scientifically proven), but I am still amazed and so positively happy every day about how this program has changed my life around in such a short time.”


Take our assessment to see whether re:sleep can work for you

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