Meet the team behind re:sleep

At re:sleep, we’re pioneering the virtual insomnia clinic of the future.

We combine world-class human expertise in sleep medicine with cutting-edge digital technology to deliver deeply personalised sleep care.

Our team is committed to providing not just evidence-based therapies but also empathetic support from the moment you join to the moment you’re able to call yourself a good, healthy sleeper.

We’re passionate about ensuring every touchpoint enhances your journey to better sleep.

The medical team

Stephanie Romiszewski
Chief Medical Officer
A specialist sleep physiologist with over 15 years of experience in treating sleep disorders. Alongside her role at re:sleep, Stephanie serves as an Insomnia Specialist Consultant for the NHS (UK’s National Health Service) and as sleep health advisor for corporate entities

Professor Guy Leschziner
Former Clinical Lead for the Sleep Disorder Centre at Guy’s Hospital and consultant neurologist at several other institutions. He holds a position as Professor of Neurology and Sleep Medicine at King’s College London and is the author of “The Nocturnal Brain” and “The Oxford Handbook of Sleep Medicine”.

Antoinette Davey
Sleep Researcher
A psychotherapist and clinical trial manager, Antoinette pursued her Ph.D. in medical sciences, focusing on the effects of chronobiology. She chairs the UK and Ireland International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL) special interest group

The sleep care team

Amie Okuma
Holding a BSc in Psychology, Amie manages our support group, a place for members seeking motivation, warmth, and camaraderie. It’s also an essential resource hub, filled with invaluable advice and insights.

Lydia Rodgers
Sleep Care
With a BSc in Applied Psychology and currently pursuing an MSc in Psychology, Lydia and her team are dedicated to assisting you at every turn, ensuring your journey to better sleep is successful and lasting.

Samantha Haynes
Customer Experience
Samantha brings a wealth of experience in health care and together with her commited team aims to ensure your experience with re:sleep is nothing short of exceptional.