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Created for people suffering from ongoing sleep problems

The re:sleep program hase been developed to help you if for more than a year:

► You regularly struggle to fall asleep when you first go to bed.
► You awaken through the night and find getting back to sleep an issue.
► You routinely get up in the early morning and can’t get back to sleep.
► You experience a mix of the above.

Following this daily program will help:

✅ Reset and reprogram you brain’s dysfunctional sleep patterns.
✅ Reduce your sleep related anxiety.
✅ Strengthen your sleep drive and capacity to fall asleep when tired.
✅ Improve your sleep quality and depth.
✅ Reduce your hypersensitivity to noise and temperature.
✅ Increase your total sleep time and reduce your nightly wake time.

This program can help retrain you to sleep soundly even if:

✅ Your insomnia is caused by the menopause, chronic pain or tinnitus.
✅ You are currently taking sleeping pills.
✅ You’ve been struggling to sleep for decades.
✅ You are working shifts.
✅ You aren’t willing to change your lifestyle.

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How does sleep retraining work?

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Get daily sessions

Each day get a new therapy session with videos to watch, readings and exercises to follow. It's just 10 minutes a day.

Put it into practice

Apply the advice, implement the strategies and follow the routines to retrain your brain and body for better sleep.

Improve your sleep

Gradually, you'll strengthen your sleep, reduce your insomnia and transform your nights. Healthy sleep is within sight.

No credit card required- No contract

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