Intro to window scheduling

Now is the time to start using the data you have built in your sleep tracker to build your own personalised sleep window! This video explains how. Have a watch then read the text below!

Please use the ‘average total sleep time’ from your week as your new ‘time in bed’ just like we have instructed Anna to do here, and choose what hours you would like to use. So for example in Anna’s case she was getting 6 hours average total sleep time and so she has chosen a new sleep schedule of 12-6am. This will be difficult for her at first, as she is used to going to bed earlier. Continue watching all the videos beyond this point to understand this process better, I am sure you have lots of questions!

PLEASE NOTE! If your average sleep time is LESS than 5 hours, always start at 5 hours. So for example, if your total average sleep times is 3 hours, you would start sleep scheduling at 5 hours.